For over 30 years, WORLD LINE has been paving the way to transport loads of all types, dimensions, and origins to the four corners of the planet. Doing so at special costs, with quality, speed, and above-average security.









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For over 30 years, WORLD LINE has been paving the way to transport cargoes of all types, dimensions, and origins to the four corners of the planet. And doing so at special costs, with quality, speed, and security above average.

This is only possible because WORLD LINE has built its own cargo agency structure, equipped with modern facilities, sophisticated equipment and devices, state-of-the-art information technology, and highly qualified professional teams. Additionally, the company promotes consistent and highly credible partnerships on an international scale.

In this way, WORLD LINE's logistics is prepared to face obstacles as challenges, always seeking economic, intelligent, and innovative solutions. Whether by air, land, or sea. Wherever the client may be.


"Always striving to deliver the best logistical management to our clients."

WORLD LINE stands out in maritime logistics with punctual deadlines and customs simplification. Through strategic partnerships that ensure advantageous contracts.



With a vast global network, WORLD LINE leads in air transportation, establishing commercial relationships with agility, punctuality, and maximum cargo security.


WORLD LINE provides top-notch customs service, with a competent technical team and comprehensive resources in systems, regulations, and personal communication.


WORLD LINE offers comprehensive land services, with pick-ups and deliveries throughout Brazil and Mercosur. We prioritize vehicles in perfect condition, ensuring careful selection.

Certainty in import and export



Precise packaging of all types of cargo, if necessary in custom-made packaging, including fragile and artistic materials, food, and even live animals.

Conservation of cargoes according to globally recognized and adopted standards.

Storage of cargoes free from risks.

Insurance against potential damages during transportation, until reaching the final recipient.

Meticulous supervision throughout the entire journey, with the commitment to provide technical and legal answers for extraordinary procedures or last-minute issues.

Preservation of friendly and transparent relationships with established authorities, companies in the sector, competitors, partners, and particularly, the contractors of our services.


First-rate customs service, comprised of a competent technical team and all necessary infrastructure in systems, regulations, and personal communication. Transparency of information is crucial for the credibility of a service of such responsibility.


Customer Service

Monitoring processes from pre to post-shipping, avoiding additional expenses with various isolated services that need to be in harmony, such as storage, demurrage (container detention), taxation, and road freight overstay.

With our consultancy, your company gains speed and optimization, allowing you to focus on the final product without worrying about the logistics process.



Logistics and Customs Clearance:

  1. Coordinate international and land transportation, choosing efficient modalities.
  2. Manage customs clearance, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  3. Monitor cargo traceability and optimize logistical processes.


  1. Monitor deadlines and fulfill post-clearance obligations.
  2. Evaluate logistical performance and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Maintain effective communication with partners, clients, and authorities, ensuring continuous feedback.

Planning and Documentation:

  1. Analysis and definition of products to be imported/exported.
  2. Preparation of necessary documents, such as commercial invoices and certificates.
  3. Identification of customs regulations and restrictions.


The management of import/export involves detailed planning, efficient logistics, customs clearance, and post-movement. It includes product analysis, documentation, modal choice, compliance with regulations, and post-transaction management, ensuring success in international trade.


We have our headquarters located

in Rio de Janeiro.


Crossing oceans, WORLD LINE has been contributing to the success of exporters and importers in their operations, honoring deadlines with the professionalism of those who take their commitments seriously. With a global network of specialized freight agents, we manage to strengthen relationships with authorities and avoid documentary issues in customs clearances.


We open up a range of options to better meet demands, according to the volume/urgency relationship. We handle FCL cargoes (DRY, HC, OT, RF, FR, TANK, ISOTANK) - international and cabotage; LCL (consolidated cargo); break bulks; projects; dangerous goods; perishables, and more.

With a high cargo flow and close relationships with the main operators in Brazilian ports, we sign contracts with a significant reduction in freight costs, along with guaranteed space for our clients and partners. Our network of agents around the world enables us to collect and deliver door-to-door cargoes, with a step-by-step positioning of shipments.



What is the scope of your transportation network and in how many countries do you operate?

Worldwide coverage; we operate in all countries with which there is free trade permission with Brazil.

What transport modes do you offer, and how are they integrated for comprehensive client solutions?

We operate all modes, including integrated operations, allowing for complete door-to-door logistics.

How's the collection/delivery process and average transit time to various destinations?

This question is highly variable, so there is no specific "answer." Depending on the client's needs and available trips, we compose and offer the best fit for the client's requirements, with a cost that is favorable.

What cargo types does your company specialize in, e.g., hazardous, perishable, or special projects?

Our experience of over 30 years has given us expertise in various types of cargoes: Projects, DGR, Liquid and Solid Bulk, Perishables, Refrigerated, Live Animals, among others.

What additional services do you offer, such as storage, customs clearance, and cargo traceability?

Comprehensive assistance in International Trade, Customs Services, and Market Development.

How does the company ensure cargo security during transport,including insurance and safety protocol?

We adhere to all security criteria standardized by various international regulatory bodies of the modes in which we are registered and affiliated, in addition to offering cargo insurance.

What sets your company apart from competitors, ensuring customer satisfaction?

We work on the complete coordination of the shipment, avoiding "unpleasant surprises" and unforeseen events that could impact or delay your logistics.

How does the company handle compliance, customs, and unforeseen events in logistics?

We work to prevent unforeseen events, but if they occur due to "force majeure," we adopt the criterion of transparent and timely information exchange to minimize impacts on the client.



Solidifying commercial relationships with customers promptly.
High security for cargoes.
Network of agents in more than 210 countries and territories.
Door-to-door collection and delivery of cargoes anywhere in the world.
Step-by-step positioning of movements.
Analysis of shipping documentation before the cargo departs from abroad.
A constantly evolving and well-trained team.
Qualified team for any type of cargo, whether it be dangerous, perishable, live animals, projects, charters, and more.
We report to the client complete booking and shipment confirmation information, including connections when they occur.
Certified and approved by all national and international bodies, including IATA and ANAC.
We provide the client with complete booking and shipment confirmation information, including connections when they occur.

And the main advantages


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Pick-ups and deliveries anywhere in Brazil and Mercosur.

Selection and thoroughness for vehicles in perfect condition.

Cargo traceability is maintained in the road transport mode, given the continuous communication with the vehicles.

In addition to the WORLD LINE vehicle fleet, we establish reliable partnerships under our full responsibility as a way to complement the logistics operation.

We offer transportation under customs transit regime.



Monsenhor Alves da Rocha Street, 140 - group 1.015

Penha - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil, 21070-540.
Phone: +55(21)99946-1472

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